To date, California's Clean Vehicle Rebate Program (CVRP) has awarded in excess of 23,000 rebates valued at over $52 million.  Or a whole lots of dough, you could say.  But where, specifically, has all that money went?  And what areas of California claim the most rebates?

Welcome the the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project's newly launched Interactive Rebate Map.

Rebates can be filtered by utility service territory, air district, county or ZIP code on the Interactive Rebate Map (we selected county in the map shown above).

Notice where the hot spots are?  No surprise that San Francisco and its surrounding areas have claimed tons of rebates.  The same is true of the Los Angeles area.

Best of all, the Interactive Rebate Map is, umm, interactive, so you can tinker with it and customize it to your liking to see results that have a meaning tailored precisely to you.

Click here to view and interact with the interactive map.

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