Is there a more serene way to tour a national park than in a Renault Twizy?  Yes, it could be toured on foot or perhaps pedaling a bike, but that's not always as serene and easy as it may sound.

New Forest Twizy Taking in the Scenery

New Forest Twizy Taking in the Scenery

The area of New Forest in the UK claims to be the first spot in England to offer a fleet of electric vehicles, along with a comprehensive charging network, as a perfect way to explore its scenery.

The New Forest area is home to the New Forest National Park and that's where the Twizys will mainly be used.  Visitors to the area will be able to rent a Twizy for £49 ($75 US) per day, provided that your'e 21 years of age of older and have a valid driver's license.  The rental package includes a discount card, which can be used at various local pubs, restaurants and attractions.

Twenty charging stations are scattered throughout the area, which makes traveling in the Twizy a breeze.  The Twizy can hit a top speed of 50 mph and boasts a range of around 50 miles, if driven gently, but with so many chargers in the area, range should not be a problem.

We quite like this idea of using the open-air Twizys for touring a national park and would love to see some shipped to the US for this exact purpose.  Though that will likely never happen, perhaps Nissan will send us a Twizy-like electric sometime soon.

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