This time, it's not an increased annual tax to offset reductions in gas taxes, but rather a hike in annual registration fees targeted directly at pure electric vehicles.

Definitely Not in Iowa Now

Definitely Not in Iowa Now

In Iowa, owners of electric vehicle may no longer get a discount on annual registration fees if a proposal in the state Senate becomes law.

Currently, Iowa offers owners of pure electric vehicle a significant discount on registration fees.  EV owners there pay only $25 per year to register their rides, compared to well over $100 (exact figure based on weight and value) for most conventional automobiles.

But Democratic Senator Tod Bowman, seeks to change all that.  According to Bowman, only 41 pure electric vehicles are registered in the entire state, which he says shows that the reduced registration fee has not done its job in spurring sales.

So, with sales not spurred, senators in Iowa decided why not just axe the reduced registration fees.  Yes, it seems an odd way of thinking to us, but that's politics for you.

Senators voted 33 to 17 to attach the registration-fee modification to a budget bill that includes tons of other policy proposals.  The bill may not become law because it's loaded with other objectionable items, but it's clear that Iowa's senators feel owners of pure electric vehicle should no longer get a break when it comes time to register or re-registered their zero-emissions machines.

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