Even way back in 1915, electric vehicle owners we're gunning for distance records.

Shockingly, almost 100 years ago, the three-day distance record stood at a tick over 372 miles.

Surely today electric vehicles can surpass that number with relative ease (it's still not an easy feat for any vehicle other than the Tesla Roadster or Model S, but it's doable), but what's so amazing here is that quick-chargers didn't exist and that during one leg of this 1915 record-setting run, A. E. Parsons drove his Detroit Electric Brougham 83 miles without recharging.  Even the Nissan LEAF would pushed to near its limits trying to accomplish that.

Yes, much has changed in terms of electric vehicles over the last 100 or so years, but record-setting range runs seem to be one constant in the past, present and future of electric automobiles.

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