Not Our Color of Choice

Not Our Color of Choice

Lucintel, a global market research firm, released a report on the electric vehicle industry that has us scratching our heads.

First, will start off with some of Lucintel's predictions that seem sensible.   According to the research firms, the global electric vehicle industry is estimated to reach $73.9 billion, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8% during the next five years.  That seems reasonable enough to us, as does Lucintel's suggestion that the average efficiency of electric vehicles is 80 %, compared to 20 to 30 % for conventional vehicles.

Additionally, Lucintel says that the electric vehicle industry faces some unique challenges, including cost of production, price of vehicles and range restrictions, but predicts those barriers will diminish over time.

So far, all is logical with Lucintel's report, but when the research firms discusses what it calls the "Top Five Global Electric Vehicle Companies" our eyebrows raised a bit.

Here's that list, according to Lucintel:

Daimler Ford General Motors Toyota Volkswagen

We could explain why this list looks rather flawed, or we could turn it over to you, our readers to discuss.  We'll go with the later, but before that we just have to say, "Where's Nissan and Renault?"  Volkswagen, really?


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