Later this year, a UK automaker by the name of Bristol will wheel out a concept extended-range electric vehicle, called the GT, that promises to wow the world.

Powertrain Detail of Namir Concept

Powertrain Detail of Namir Concept

The Bristol GT, which is currently under development at Frazer-Nash Research, has some lofty targets attached to it that will make it a stand out automobile, if successfully executed.

Those targets, which include a top speed of 200 mph and a city fuel-efficiency rating of 100 mpg (Bristol doesn't detail how it'll arrive at this 100-mpg mark), will likely make the four-seat Bristol the only vehicle in the world to boast those two targets simultaneously.

Though no images of the Bristol GT exist, we do know it'll borrow the Frazer-Nash -supplied powertrain setup found in the 2009 Giugiaro-styled Namir supercar concept (displayed throughout this post), which means it'll employ separate drive motors for all four wheels, plus an 800-cc Wankel rotary engine powering a generator to feed its bank of lithium-ion batteries.

The Bristol GT is claimed to be roughly the size of  a Bentley Continental and is expected to carry a price tag of "under £200,000" or under $311,280 US.

Fitting of its price tag, the Bristol GT will be a limited vehicle.  According to the automaker, only "several hundred a year" will be built.

More Powertrain Detail of Namir Concept

More Powertrain Detail of Namir Concept

Though the GT will be badged a Bristol, it's really a showcase for Frazer-Nash' efficiency-based technologies, designed and developed in house since 1989.  The Frazer-Nash team consists of 100 engineering types who have built 150-plus advanced powertrain vehicles, concept, show car and so on  over the years.

Amazingly, Frazer-Nash doesn't rely on outside suppliers for any of the essential components.   Frazzer-Nash says all of its hardware, algorithms, software, battery packs and multiplexing is its own.

And for Frazer-Nash, it's hard to argue against its motto: "Our goal, in all we do, is efficiency."

Look for more details on the Birstol GT when it debuts near the end of 2013.

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