Tesla Motors raised eyebrows back in early in April when it announced its "revolutionary" $500* per month Model S lease program.  Yes, there's some sketchy assumptions involved, but for Tesla to focus on cost for the Model S was something of a breakthrough.  Gone was the environmental aspect in its marketing pitch and in stepped money savings as a selling point.

Tesla Pitches Cost Saving of Model S in a

Tesla Pitches Cost Saving of Model S in a "Unique" Way

Nissan too followed a similar approach after slashing the price of the LEAF by up to $6,400 for Model Year 2013.  The Japanese automaker announced just days ago that it will focus heavily on promoting cost and money savings in future advertisements for the LEAF.  Gone, again, is the focus on the environmental factor that appeals mainly to so-called early adopters.

But will this cost savings approach work as automakers try to broaden the appeal of plug-in vehicles?

In this video, Motley Fool contributor John Rosevear examines this relatively new approach to marketing electric vehicles.  Listen in as Rosevear discusses whether this approach is likely to work on what he calls "reluctant consumers."

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