Longboard Asset Management Predicts Tesla's Future Stock Prices

Longboard Asset Management Predicts Tesla's Future Stock Prices

Guessing future stock prices is not something we here at InsideEVs do.

Is Tesla the Next Apple?

Is Tesla the Next Apple?

For that, we turn to the so-called professionals in the field.

One of the self-proclaimed leaders in guessing future stock prices is a firm by the name of Longboard Asset Management.

Here's what we know of Longboard, swiped straight from the site's "About Us" section:

An alternative approach to navigating the investment ocean

Longboard is an asset management firm specializing in trend following managed futures strategies. The firm’s principals have been investing in and researching trend following strategies since the late 1990s.

With that limited info now out there, here's what Longboard says will come of Tesla Motors' stock:

"It is our view that Tesla common stock will trade at $100 per share within 18 months and $200 per share within the next 5 years."

Now, we're not gonna counter this assessment because stocks aren't part of our InsideEVs game plan, but we will say that since Tesla offered its IPO at $17 per share back in mid-2010, stock prices have soared to comfortably above $50, reaching as high as $58.32 at time of press (real-time quote can be found here).  So, perhaps Longboard is on to something here.  Thoughts?

Follow the link below to check out all of Longboard's presentational slides on Tesla Motors.

via Longboard Asset Management

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