The plug-in hybrid McLaren P1 will be an exclusive piece of automotive machinery.  Only 375 units will ever be built, but that doesn't mean that McLaren can skip over the usual cold-weather testing that production vehicles endure.

McLaren P1

McLaren P1

With only a few months remaining until the first McLaren P1s get handed off to some lucky owners, the vehicle's development continues.

This time it's out on a frozen lake wagging its tail as it slip and slides its way around.

So, if you're lined up to become one of the 375 owners of the P1 and, you live near an often-frozen lake, then this is how you can expect the stunning P1 to perform.

What if you're not one of those 375?  Well, the video itself is still a joy to watch, as are any clips of this spectacular plug-in dream machine.



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