Tesla Model S Performance Plus Detail and Pricing (click to enlarge)

Tesla Model S Performance Plus Detail and Pricing (click to enlarge)

"Performance Plus takes one of the world's best sedans into supercar handling territory, while also improving ride quality and range. After hundreds of iterations affecting every detail of the suspension, our vehicle dynamics team was able to achieve the rare outcome of simultaneously improving performance, comfort and efficiency. In addition to upgraded dampers, bushings, stabilizer bars and tires (Michelin Pilot Sport PS2), the rear tires are 20 mm wider and staggered for improved acceleration on low grip surfaces. Range improves 6 to 12 miles over regular 21” wheels. Requires 21" wheels, available in Grey or Silver."

Whether your a current Tesla Model S Performance owner, plan to take delivery of one soon or are considering purchasing one in the future, the highly anticipated Performance Plus option package is available now.

The Performance Plus option, basically a suspension and wheel package, has been in the works for months now.  Its the creation of Tesla engineers who were sort of put off when Motor Trend editor in chief Angus MacKenzie told Elon Musk that the Model S was a fine handling machine, but was outdone by the McLaren MP4-12C supercar.  That prompted Tesla to get to work on a package that would put the Model S on level ground with the McLaren.

The Benchmark: McLaren MP4-12C

The Benchmark: McLaren MP4-12C

The result is the Performance Plus option, which required the renting of the McLaren MP4-12C by the suspension experts at Tesla to get a feel for how exactly the McLaren out-handled the Model S.

The Performance Plus option is only available on the 85-kWh Performance version of the Model S.  It costs a healthy $6,500, but if that's all it takes to match the McLaren supercar, then we say it's money well spent.

Current owners of the Model S Performance sedan can get the package as a retrofit, too, but it'll cost quite a bit more.

Here's the rundown for those interested in a retrofit:

Performance Plus Retrofit - $13,000

We do plan to offer this beginning this Summer for $13,500.

This upgrade will include the following items from the factory installed Performance Plus option:

* 2 x Rear lower control arms with revised stiffer bushings * 2 x Rear upper links with revised stiffer bushings * 2 x 21" x 8.5" front wheels with 245/35R21 Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tires * 2 x 21" x 9" rear wheels with 265/35R21 Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tires

This is a package engineered to provide the enthusiast driver with a more responsive car and added cornering grip while maintaining excellent ride quality. While this does not include the revised dampers and stabilizer bars that the factory option does include, we have engineered this package to offer the majority of the handling benefits without requiring a full suspension removal and replacement, which would be far more costly.

The added grip of the wider rear tires necessitates the added lateral stiffness provided by the revised bushings, so the rear wheels are not available individually.

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