Strack Offers Tesla Model S to Customers as Green Transportation

Strack Offers Tesla Model S to Customers as Green Transportation

Ever wonder what it's like to hail a taxi in Los Angeles?  How 'bout an electric one?  What if a cab company took that a step further by offering a Tesla Model S taxi?

That's what Strack Transportation has done in LA.

Strack Transportation calls itself a provider of premier transportation services and, with a Model S now in its fleet, we'd have to agree with the "premier" part.

The Tesla Model S is popping up in taxi and chauffeur fleets from coast to coast, partly to gauge customer reaction, and partly to see if the electric sedan has the chops to handle being a livery vehicle.

Strack Transportation will use the Model S to gauge customer response to getting a ride in an electric vehicle and to determine whether or not it should add more plug-in vehicles to its fleet.

Of course, the Model S has ample range to haul passengers to and from even far off places, but Strack is more or less just testing out the electric waters here before deciding if additional plug-ins are in its future.

Then there's reliability.  Fleet owners prefer reliable vehicles, so if the Model S proves less costly to maintain, then it's likely electric vehicles will replace at least a portion of Strack's fleet.

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