Model S Sales in Q1 Trump All

Model S Sales in Q1 Trump All "Large Luxury" Competitors and both Chevy Volt and Nissan LEAF

On May 8, Tesla Motors will release its official quarter one results for 2013.  In it, Tesla says it'll report that sales of the Model S exceeded 4,750 units in Q1.  That figure puts the Model S into the plug-in vehicle sales lead in the US for the first three months of 2013.  Chevy Volt sales were 4,421 in Q1 and the LEAF checked in with 3,695 units sold in Q1.

Tesla spokeswoman, Shanna Hendriks, first noted the 4,750-unit figure for Model S sales back on March 31, but Tesla is now reconfirming the accuracy of that figure.

With sales of the Model S outpacing the Chevy Volt in Q1 of 2013, how does General Motors respond?

Chevy Volt

Chevy Volt

Jim Cain, a spokesman for GM, stated:

"Any success for a company in this space is helpful for all other makers of plug-in vehicles.  The single most important thing we can do for plug-ins, to encourage sales, is to have them on the road."

But it won't be long until the Chevy Volt once again trumps the Model S, according to independent auto analyst Wolkonowicz.

As Wolkonowicz says, Tesla’s quarterly lead is "interesting trivia," but Volt sales will reach higher volumes over time.  Why?  Well, for starters, the Model S is more expensive and that alone means that it'll draw a smaller crowd of potential buyers, but Wolkonowicz further claims that Volt's EREV setup is the reason why it'll outsell the Model S.

"The Volt is the one that makes sense out of that whole group of plug-ins, because you can use it like a regular car when the battery runs out."

We're not so sure that plug-in hybrids will always outsell pure battery electric vehicles, but they do seem a logical choice for those who aren't quite sure if pure electric will work for them.

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