India’s Mahindra & Mahindra, under its electric division Mahindra Reva, is diving deep into electric vehicles.

Mahindra Reva's First Electric Vehicle...the e20

Mahindra Reva's First Electric Vehicle...the e20

Mahindra Reva just launched its $10,800 electric e20 in India and expects to sell 500 units there per month.  Soon, the Indian automaker will invest approximately $30 million to get the electric ball rolling on converting three of its existing vehicles over to battery-only operation: Gio, Maxximo and Verito.

Now, you'd think that sort of electric rollout would be sufficient for at least a couple of years, but Mahindra Reva isn't stopping there.

Mahindra is looking to do a pilot launch of its e20 electric in Amsterdam,  a hotspot for electric vehicles.  Amsterdam is already home to 500 charging stations and that number is expected to grow to 1,000 by the end of 2013, but in order for Reva to get its e20 there, some additional tests are required.

Chetan Maini, Chief of Strategy and Technology at Mahindra Reva,says that unlike earlier Reva electric vehicles (think G-Wiz), the e20 is classified as a regular vehicle, not a heavy quadricycle.

"The new vehicles will be categorized under M1, which means like any other car sold in Europe, it has to have a crash test, ABS and airbags."

That's a hurdle for sure, but Mahindra Reva seems confident it'll be able to ready the e20 for export.  Maini says the automaker plans to eventually export the e20 to at least 10 countries globally (mostly in Europe) just as soon as it gets the vehicle certified.  It all starts with Amsterdam, says Mahindra Reva.

In case you were wondering, Mahindra Reva has an established global customer base with nearly 5,000 of its previous electric vehicles on roads in the UK, Norway, France, Germany, Spain, Japan and Costa Rica.  So, were rather confident this automaker can get its latest electric distributed to several countries, too.

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