The lawsuits continue to stack up for Fisker Automotive.

A Website Like This Costs Way Less

A Website Like This Costs Way Less

First it was a federal lawsuit for the automaker's wrongful firings/dismissals, then it was an eviction notice and accompanying lawsuit for failure to pay rent on its headquarters in Anaheim, California.

Now, the lawsuit is truly Ignited, as in Fisker’s website and mobile designer Ignited is suing the automaker over $535,000 in unpaid bills.

Ignited says it hasn't been paid for services it provided Fisker.  These services include advertising, web design and maintenance, creative and media buying.

Ignited filed suit against Fisker last Friday in Orange County Superior Court.

Fortunately for Fisker, its website is still functional, but we're not so sure it'll be that way for long.

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