Unfortunately for us, most automakers are rather slow in releasing sales figures for its vehicles sold on the other side of the Atlantic.  Some don't even provide model-by-model European sales data.  Luckily, Toyota is not in that later group.

Toyota Motor Europe just released is 2013 first quarter sales results, including figures for the Prius Plug-In Hybrid, so now we know how it's faring in Europe.

First, some overall hybrid sales data from Toyota/Lexus.  Toyota says that in quarter 1 of 2013, Toyota/Lexus hybrid sales checked in at 38,673 unit, up 82.3% from Q1 of 2012.  Furthermore, Toyota/Lexus hybrids accounted for 20% of automaker's total sales in Europe in Q1 2013.  These figures don't provide us with specific plug-in related sales, but here are those results (remember, Toyota's only plug-in offered in Europe is the cord-loving Prius):

Prius Plug-In Sales Aren't Too Shabby in Europe, Says Toyota

Prius Plug-In Sales Aren't Too Shabby in Europe, Says Toyota

  • The Prius family sold 9,166 units in Q1
  • 4,039 were the classic Prius
  • 3,715 were the Prius +
  • 1,412 were the Prius Plug-In Hybrid
Okay, here are a few more Prius Plug-In Hybrid specific results:
  • Worldwide sales of the Prius Plug-In now exceed 31,100 units
  • Since launching in Summer 2012 in Europe, sales hit 4,417 units as of the end of March 2013
  • Cumulative US sales (launch date March 2012) of the Prius Plug-In Hybrid checked in at 15,103 as of the end of March 2013
And that's all she wrote.  Well, almost.  If you'd like to see how the Prius Plug-In Hybrid stacks up against the plug-in competition on the global level, then check out our "World’s Most Comprehensive 2012 Global Plug-In Vehicle Sales List."

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