Tesla has pushed its courtroom record as a defendant to a flawless 4-0 (previous wins here, here, and here), as the company can put a recent legal conflict in New York behind them.

Tesla Wins Legal Battle In New York, As Texas Conflict Continues
Unlike in Texas, where Tesla is lobbying to change existing laws that prevent them from selling and servicing the all electric Model S, in New York, the state's franchised dealers took Tesla to court because they alleged the EV maker violated some 'not-so-cut-and-dry' state franchise laws, as well consumer protection laws.

That effort came to an end on Thursday, as New York Supreme Court Justice Raymond J.  Elliott III said that the Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association "cannot utilize the Franchised Dealer Act as a means to sue their competitors," nor could the dealers prove injury from the 3 Tesla stores currently in the state, or the 2 service depots.

"An increase in business competition is insufficient to confer standing,"  the judge said.

The dealers had sought a ruling to force Tesla to use independent dealers over company-run stores, and shut the stores currently in operation.

Neither the Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association, or their attorney, offered comment on the matter at time of press.

Thankfully, Twitter is still online and operating as normal today, so that means Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk, has already commented out his opinion on the ruling:

Elon Musk Utilizes His Social Media Weapon Of Choice

Elon Musk Utilizes His Social Media Weapon Of Choice

...let the high automotive margins for Tesla continue in New York!

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