It's not often we witness a sizeable gathering of Nissan LEAFs lined up on the roads.  It's even less likely to see that LEAF train led by the race-ready Nissan LEAF Nismo RC, but when it comes to marathoning, the zero-emissions LEAF seems to always make a grand appearance these days.

LEAFs at Marathon in Paris

LEAFs at Marathon in Paris

Case in point: Participants in last Sunday's Paris Marathon were treated to a feast of LEAFs to, as Nissan says, "prepare the race of tomorrow today."

The marathon in Paris was sponsored by charging station manufacturer Schneider Electric, which partially explains why all the LEAFs were on hand, but the electric hatchbacks had a purpose other than just appearing for commercial purposes.  The LEAFs supported the marathoners and, as you can see in the image and video, were time keepers, too.

One LEAF, the Nismo RC version, got "special" treatment and rightfully so.  This race-ready electric is 7 inches wider than the standard LEAF, 13 inches lower, and, at a featherweight 2050 pounds, some 1300 pounds lighter. It retains the stock LEAF's output of 107 hp and 207 lb-ft of torque, but features a proper rear-wheel-drive setup, which surely makes it more entertaining to drive.  Sign us up for two!

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