Tesla Service Center

Tesla Service Center

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk had recently mentioned that with the successful launch of the Model S, the automaker would turn its attention to its service centers.  In particular, Musk stated that Tesla's service needs some work, but would soon become tops in the industry.

Part of Tesla's upgraded service plan has now been revealed.

As Musk tells USA Today, Tesla will create an 80-strong fleet of loaner vehicles for when Tesla owners need work performed on their automobiles.

But this won't be your typical run-of-the-mill loaner fleet.  It'll feature only Model S 85-kWh Performance edition sedans.

So, if your Tesla needs service, no matter if you own a lower-level Model S or Roadster, you'll be rewarded with n $94,900 loaner until the work is done.

Musk says the loaner Model S sedans will be available soon and says it was always part of the automaker's plan, but production volumes were too low in the past to make this practical.  Musk says the customer always comes first, so the automaker had to work to fulfill at least some of its outstanding orders before it can take 80 Model S sedans from the line and put them into service as loaners.

As Musk told USA Today:

"I wanted to do this sooner than now but the problem was we didn't have the cars.  It's hard to take a bunch of cars and make them service loaners when (buyers) have been waiting for, in some cases, up to two years to get their car. Now it's a matter of months."

Additionally, Tesla hopes to have service workers drop off the loaner Model S to a customer while simultaneously picking up a vehicle in need of repairs.  This will eliminate the need for Tesla owners to drive to service centers.

Who's the mastermind behind this sort of exceptional customer service?  Not Musk.  Tesla's CEO gives full credit to Lexus for this idea.

via USA Today

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