It's been ages since BMW updated us on the status of the 700 ActiveE electric vehicles that have driven on the roads for well over 1 year now, but finally the German automaker is pouring out its compiled data.

Welcome to the "Electronauct Effect."  That's BMW's name for a website it created to display "aggregated data about the range, cost savings and positive environmental impact that actual BMW ActiveE drivers – called “Electronauts” – are experiencing across the country."

Jacob Harb, head of Electric Vehicle Operations and Strategy, BMW of North America, had this to say of the data-oriented site:

"The Electronaut Effect is an exciting tool because it offers consumers unvarnished, hard data on the driving performance of our fleet of ActiveE vehicles, providing a very accurate picture of the BMW electric vehicle experience and the benefits of all-electric driving.  This is an important, new resource to help drivers considering an electric vehicle purchase make informed decisions."

We agree.

Electronaut Effect Graphic

Electronaut Effect Graphic

This "unfiltered" information will be updated weekly, so it's ever-changing, but here are a few highlights from out visit to the "Electronaut Effect" site.

  • Total Miles Driven to Date: Over 6.1 Million
  • Gasoline Saved by Going Electric: Over 275,000 Gallons
  • Most Miles Driven in a Single Day: 368

The "Electronaut Effect" features data pulled from the 700 BMW ActiveEs in "field trials" in the US.  The trials began back in January 2102.

This data is broken down into three categories: Range, Savings and Environment.

Electronaut Effect Graphic

Electronaut Effect Graphic

The data truly speaks for itself, so we think there's no further need to explain.  You can check it out by clicking here.

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