It's not the flashiest of electric vehicles, but it's a purposeful machine that will likely sell in volume.

Electric Vans Are Ideal for Inner-City Delivery Jobs

Electric Vans Are Ideal for Inner-City Delivery Jobs

It's the Citroen Berlingo Electric van (second-generation, sort of) and it debuted last Tuesday in the UK at the Commercial Vehicle Show.

The electric Berlingo van will go on sale in the UK in mid- to late 2013 and is the next step in Citroen’s electric van arsenal.  If you recall,  the French automaker offered the first-generation Berlingo Electrique van for sale from 1998 to 2005.

The upcoming Citroen Berlingo Electric features a 49-kW electric motor is powered by a 22.5-kWh lithium-ion battery pack.  Range is listed at up to 106 miles (official NEDC testing figure) and top speed is 69 mph.

The Berlingo Electric Van is quick-charge capable, which allows it to be charged to 80% capacity in 35 minutes.

Pricing for Citroen's electric van will start at £21,300 +VAT ($32,600 US).

The importan aspects of a work van have been maintained in the Berlingo Electric.  The  load area of the van has not been reduced by the battery pack because it's positioned  underneath the load deck. The cargo compartment swallows 3.3 cubic meters of stuff and has a payload capacity of 1,402 pounds.

Though the Berlingo Electric is likely to be used by for commercial, inter- city delivery purposes and by government fleets, Citroen says it will offer the electric van to the general public.

There's no information on production volume at this time, but the similar Renault Kangoo Z.E. sold 5,674 units in 2012, so there's definitely demand for electric vans.

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