Recent stories over the past 24 hours have included a Tesla Model S Batmobile and virtual LEAFs in Simcity. Alright then, how about what is happening in the ATV world?

Polaris is now offering their Ranger series in a 30 HP ATV equipped with a 11.7kWh battery. The Ranger EV offers low, high, and max range options. The MSRP starts at $10,999. The gas equivalent 500cc 32HP Polaris sells for $9,299 so $1700 delta is not that bad. Based on driving conditions, ambient temperature and all other issues that effects batteries, Polaris has suggested an average range of 40 miles. No lithium found here but the number of life charging cycles makes it less of an issue.

Bad Boy Buggy Ambush

Bad Boy Buggy Ambush

So what if you run out of electricity?  Ohhhh the dreaded range anxiety has followed us to the trails! Here is the Ambush (pictured to the right) by Bad Boy Buggies with a 48volt 20 HP electric drive combined with a 480 cc 16 HP gas engine. You know, the EREV of the ATV world.

Currently the Ranger EV ATV's general usage is for hunting and farm use. Expect the EV trend to move quickly to the recreational riders.

There are quite a few retrofits happening similar to what the auto industry experienced prior to the launch of the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf.



51 and we still like to play

51 and we still like to play

I close with a picture from our annual 100 mile ride in the mountains of West Virginia (Hatfield-McCoy Trail System).

So what do ATV recreation riders require? We like lots of torque. EV? Check!  We have a tendency to ride in the mud. (see left). We like to spend 30-70 hard miles a day in the saddle.

The Ranger EV ATV has a little more to go here but is getting very close. We like to have a top speed of about 60 mph though generally 45 mph is fine. If you remember the little furry creatures flying amongst the trees in "The Return of the Jedi", that's what trees look like whizzing by at 45 mph in the woods.

It really looks like the Polaris Ranger EV has made the first real move. I can't wait to give one a "proper" test drive!

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