It's no secret that sales of the Vauxhall/Opel Ampera have been on the soft side and perhaps that's why General Motors only produced 205 Amperas in the first three months of 2013, but the UK's Bristol Street Motors believes it's found a way to move Vauxhall Amperas at a more rapid rate.

Would $2,600 in Free

Would $2,600 in Free "Fuel" Entice You?

Newcastle-based Bristol Street Motors, is promoting the Vauxhall Ampera by offering buyers £2,000 ($2,600 US) in free "fuel" (details on this incentive are limited and we're thinking some gimmickry might be at work) and free home charging stations installed.

Bristol Motors is taking advantage of the UK's government plug-in grant scheme, which covers 75% of the cost of a home charging station and installation for qualified buyers of plug-in vehicles.  Bristol Motors is picking up the remaining 25 percent.

Additionally, Bristol Street Motors is sweetening the deal by offering all Vauxhall Ampera buyers three years of free maintenance and servicing, as well as lifetime warranty on the vehicle.

Will Smith, Vauxhall Ampera specialist at Bristol Street Motors, stated:

"Electric vehicles are spearheading the way for the low-carbon revolution and this great package on the Ampera means that now is a great time to invest."

"The model also has the advantage that, unlike other electric vehicles, it has a small petrol engine which recharges the car on the move, giving it an impressive range."

And if all that doesn't drive up sales of the Vauxhall Ampera, then perhaps the soon-to-arrive-at-Bristol-Street-Motors Nissan LEAF will increase the dealerships plug-in vehicle sales.

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