Depending on the source, the average US vehicle owner drives between 25 and 34 miles per day.  That figure is as accurate as can be, given the fact that it must be computed through surveys and not from tacking of actual vehicle data (don't want Big Brother always watching over us).

More Blink Charging Stations Extend the Range of the Nissan LEAF

More Blink Charging Stations Extend the Range of the Nissan LEAF

If we assume that the low-end figure of 25 miles per day is more accurate, then how's that number compare to the typical electric vehicle owner?  Well, let's define the typical EV driver as a Nissan LEAF owner, since it's the world's top-selling electric vehicle.

Figure for miles per day driven by Nissan LEAF owners vary dramatically depending on who you ask.  Nissan might present one number, while EV naysayers will point to a different figure.  But do charging station manufacturers gain from chiming in on this miles-per-day number?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

Anyways, ECOtality, a California-based company who relies on Blink charging stations to service the recharging needs of electric vehicle across the country, says that the typical Nissan LEAF owner drive more miles per day than the national average.  Specifically, ECOtality says that due to quick-charge stations popping up around the country, LEAF owners now average an estimated 30 miles per day.

How do Chevy Volt owners compare?  Well, according to ECOtality, the typical Volt owner drives 41 miles per day, or 11 miles more than LEAF owners.

We're not sure what to make of these figures, so we'll leave it to you, our readers, to discuss.

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