Unintended acceleration?  We think not, but that's what a 71-year-old Tesla Model S driver blames for the carnage seen here.

Last Friday, at approximately 11:11 AM (Okay, that's not approximate. It's exact) a Model S "jumped" the curb and crashed through a restaurant (Lure Fish House) in Ventura County, CA.

Fortunately, no injuries occurred, according to Ventura County Fire Depart­ment ­officials .

Tesla Model S: Perhaps

Tesla Model S: Perhaps "Too Fast" For Some

The driver claimed to have applied the brake, but the Model S lurched forward instead.  There's never been an "unintended acceleration" event linked to the Model S, so we have our doubts in regards to the driver's claim.  Is this one of those "I meant to hit the brake, but instead..."  Probably.

Four passengers were in the Model S when the restaurant destruction occurred.  The restaurant's patio area, which is where the Model S accelerated through, was not occupied (closed to restaurant patrons) at the time of the crash.

Obviously, the wrecked Model S will require some extensive reconditioning before it returns to the road.  As for the restaurant, it might be a bit drafty for a while.

Photo credit: theshubinite via Instagram  

Editors Note: This is not an April Fools joke.  That is not our style here.

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