This episode of Robert Llewylln's spectacular Fully Charged plug-in vehicle online video series presents an unusual machine called Trev.

What's Trev?  Trev stands for "Two-Seat Renewable Energy Vehicle" and it was built by students at the University of South Australia in Adelaide.  It's a three-wheel, two-seat electric runabout with a range of 93 miles and top speed of 75 mph. Acceleration is decent, with 0 to 62 mph accomplished in 10 seconds.

Trev weighs only 661 lbs and features a 25-kW DC motor and a 5.5-kWh lithium polymer battery pack.

Electric Trev

Electric Trev

Besides seating for two, there is room for two overnight bags in this minimalist electric vehicle.

Trev supposedly has an operating cost of as low as US $0.146 (approx. 15 cents) per mile.   This claim is partially back by Trev's results in the Darwin to Adelaide World Solar Challenge, where Trev completed the 1,877-mile journey with a total electricity cost of $34 (US).  That's $0.018 per mile.

Trev is unique machine and Fully Charged is exceptional at presenting plug-ins in a way that few compete with in the online video scene.  So, check the video out.  We think you'll be impressed.

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