For the record, Volkswagen never stated that its radical 261 MPG plug-in diesel hybrid, the XL1, would be beyond the grasp of eager US buyers.



VW never confirmed that it would offer the XL1 in the states, but the automaker didn't deny the US as a possibility either.  We'd say VW skirted the issue by not mentioning the US at all in relation to the XL1.

But now the topics of XL1 and US have been combined and there's seem to be a chance that US buyers could get a crack at purchasing what we believe to be a $80,000 to $95,000 fuel-sipping VW.

VW says it's initial production run on the XL1 will be limited to 250 units.  There's an outside chance that the US will see up to 20 XL1s, according to Jonathan Browning, CEO of Volkswagen of America.

Obviously, 20 XL1s would be bought in flash, but could they be driven on US roads?  As of right now, the XL1 isn't certified for road use in the US, but there are ways around this, some legal and some not.

If the XL1 comes here, then we'd bet buyers will find a way (loophole, payoff  or show and display exemption) to drive the world's most fuel-efficient plug-in hybrid on public roads in the US.   The first hurdle though is getting VW to say "yes."  Those other issues only matter if Volkswagen actually commits to shipping some XL1s stateside.



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