The Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive took to the stage at the 2013 New York Auto Show.  For Mercedes, the B-Class Electric Drive is its first production electric vehicle.  It's US-bound in early 2014, too.

Yes, There's an Electric Tesla Powertrain Stuffed Somewhere in There

Yes, There's an Electric Tesla Powertrain Stuffed Somewhere in There

Though badged a Mercedes-Benz, the B-Class Electric Drive's heart and soul is from Tesla Motors.

Yes, Tesla Motors is the supplier of the electric components that make the B-Class, well, umm, electric.  Though this is not Tesla's first time as a supplier for other automaker's EVs (Toyota Rav4 EV and the last-gen Smart Fortwo Electric Drive immediately jump to mind), this is Tesla's first foray with a manufacturer that carries the luxury clout of Mercedes-Benz.

What's this mean for Tesla Motors?  Well, if we believe the words of analyst Tim Beyers at Motley Fool, then the Tesla-powered B-Class Electric Drive will be Tesla's "game-changing"  in 2014.  As Beyers states:

"A small but growing portion of Tesla's revenues is derived from creating fully electric drivetrain systems for other car manufacturers, including Mercedes and Toyota Motor."

It's this "growing portion of Tesla's revenues" that convinces Beyers that the B-Class Electric Drive is a "big win" for Tesla and persuades Beyers to reiterate that he—as well as Motley Fool as a whole— is "bullish" (optimistic of rising stock prices) about Tesla.

What's your take?  Is the B-Class Electric Drive an important vehicle for Tesla Motors?  Or is it only Mercedes-Benz that'll garner all the attention for its first-ever production electric vehicle?

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