Fuji Quick Charger

Fuji Quick Charger

Made in America.  It's what Nissan has done with its electric LEAF and now Fuji Electric will, too.

Fuji, of course, doesn't make the Nissan LEAF, but it does produce a 25-kW DC Quick Charger, that up until now had been manufactured overseas.

That all changed in the last few days of March as Fuji Electric committed to producing its US-market 4th Generation 25-kW DC Quick Charger right here in the states.

The production facility is located in Milpitas, CA, which will allow Fuji to fulfill orders quickly and, over time, to drive down the cost of its quick-charge unit.

“We are now able to offer faster delivery on orders, and respond to evolving market demands and design requirements with greater ease.”

Fuji's DC Quick Charger is a CHAdeMO-spec unit that charges most electric vehicles in less than hour.

But the real story here is the shift in production in the electric vehicle industry.   As more as more automakers and charging station providers commit to US production of their array of products, the US' overall position in the plug-in industry moves up the charts.  Having this amount and breadth of production capacity established here nearly cements the plug-in vehicle as a technology that's here to stay.

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