On December 11, 2012, the Nissan LEAF celebrated its second birthday.

Nissan LEAF Turns Two Celebration on Facebook

Nissan LEAF Turns Two Celebration on Facebook

Nissan promptly posted the achievement on Facebook and Twitter.  The response was overwhelming.  LEAF fans from around the globe posted congrats on Facebook (176 congratulatory remarks to date) and Tweeted to the world.

Nissan's reaction, we're sure, was joyous.

Doubters could doubt no more.  The LEAF was here to stay.

In the months following the initial Facebook birthday post, comments continued to pour in.  Nissan thought "Hey, we're crafty, why don't we make a huge birthday card with these comments plastered all over it?"

That's what Nissan did.  Then, the team in Japan mailed this honker of a card to Nashville to surprise its US counterparts.

How was the response?  Well, as Nissan says,  the "LEAF team in Tennessee is still smiling."

Check out the video, released today, for more on this celebratory LEAF story.

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