Most Tesla Model S drivers already know that the electric sedan's touchscreen center console is pretty cool, but now Tesla has put together a little walk-through video to show off its bells and whistles to everyone.

  • C'mon, You Know You Want To Try It Out

    C'mon, You Know You Want To Try It Out

    17" touchscreen

  • real time display and status of the car's in use options
  • interactive control of panoramic roof
  • ability to manually adjust the active air suspension (if equipped)
  • climate control
  • "second to none" media player
  • Internet connect-ability
  • "next level" GPS
  • Energy apps - all the metrics about efficiency one could want
  • industry first HD back-up camera (with tech package)
  • voice commands can operate most functions, as wheel as steering wheel control to access up to 4 apps

tesla model s touchscreen dash


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