Smart officially finalized Canadian pricing for its third-generation Fortwo Electric Drive and it's within spitting distance of what us US buyers will be required to pay for soon-to-launch urban electric.

Smart Fortwo Electric Drive cabriolet.

Smart Fortwo Electric Drive cabriolet.

Over in Canada, pricing for the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Coupe starts at CDN $26,990 ($26,398 US).  The drop-top cabriolet version of the 3rd-generation Electric Drive starts at CDN$29,990 ($29,326 US).

Surprisingly, the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive is one of a few vehicles to have similar pricing in the US and Canada.  For comparison, US pricing for the 3rd-gen electric Fortwo is listed at $25,000 (prior to incentives) for the coupe and $28,000 (prior to incentives) for the cabriolet.

So, in the case of the Fortwo Electric Drive, Canadians are only charged a slight premium of what US buyers will dish out to purchase the electric Smart.

Additionally, some areas of Canada receive even greater government incentives than that of the $7,500 tax credit in the US.  For example, Ontario residents get a $8,500 rebate when the purchase of an EV is made (not as a credit at tax time).

Additionally, Smart announced that its dealers across Canada are currently accepting orders for the third-generation Fortwo Electric Drive and says that the first batch of vehicle will be delivered this Spring, which is identical to what Smart says for the US.

The Electric Drive’s electric Daimler/Bosch motor churns out 96 pound-feet of torque and up to 55 kilowatts (74 hp).  On a full charge, range is listed at up to 86 miles in city traffic, but typical drivers should expect to see real-world range in mid 60s.

For more on the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive, check out this summarized review.

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