Chevrolet Volt

Chevrolet Volt

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A recent survey conducted by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) concludes that as more plug-in vehicle choices emerge, buyers will purchase more plug-in autos.

This has long been the case in the automotive industry as a whole, due to the fact that buyers have different tastes.  One vehicle, or even a handful of vehicles, will never be to the liking of all potential buyers, but dozens or even hundred of choices will surely please a wider swath of consumers.

As David Owen, manager of Clean Air Technologies for CenterPoint Energy, explains:

"The survey suggests a trend toward smaller, more economic vehicles.  However, the availability of plug-in vehicles in a wide range of makes and models will be a key to how fast and to what extent they are seen as alternatives to conventional vehicles."

However, others findings of the survey conducted by EPRI weren't so obvious.

Of those surveyed (south Texas consumers), 46 percent expressed willingness to pay a slight premium for an electric vehicle if one was available in their make and model of choice.

Other results from the survey seem to indicate that range is still a major issue for potential buyers.  Only 8 percent of those surveyed who are seriously considering an electric vehicle would opt for a pure battery electric over a plug-in hybrid.

But it all comes down to education.  As the survey indicates consumer education is a primary factor in addressing electric vehicle uncertainties and misconceptions.  If informed on the workings of electric vehicles, buyers then indicated a preference towards them.  And some consumers even stated that they bought a plug-in vehicle shortly after becoming knowledgeable on the advantages of going electric.
As Mark Duvall, director of Electric Transportation research for the Electric Power Research Institute, stated:

"While electric vehicle sales have not yet met some manufacturers’ sales forecasts, there are persuasive indicators from consumers that those expectations may ultimately be met or exceeded."

Given time, the electric vehicle industry will continue to develop and grow.
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