Here's a perk we think should come standard with the purchase of any electric vehicle: buy the automobile...get a free charger.

Renault Zoe Getting Plugged In

Renault Zoe Getting Plugged In

Renault is trying to encourage potential Zoe buyers with an offer that saves them up to $1,500.

According to Renault, all Zoe buyers in the UK will get a free charger installed by British Gas.  More specifically, Renault says "British Gas will install a 32 amp (7 kilowatt) Z.E. ready Single Wall-box with all new and pre-ordered purchases."

The home charger will be installed prior to delivery of the Zoe, which won't launch in the UK until June 7.

Renault UK’s Andy Heiron, Head of Electric Vehicle Program, says "Adding a free Wall-box to its chic styling and tempting pricing now makes it an even more irresistible proposition."

The French automaker believes that Zoe owners will plug in at home for 90% of their charging needs.  As Renault says, charging from empty to full will only take 3.5 hours with the free Single Wall-box installed by British Gas.

But the real purpose here for Renault is to get the charger installed so that these Zoe buyers are equipped for electric vehicle ownership and therefore are more likely to continue to purchase plug-in vehicles in the future.

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