The visually stunning McLaren P1 plug-in hybrid hypercar might of made its grandest of debuts at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, but now it's back in action out on the Top Gear test track.

McLaren P1

McLaren P1

McLaren Formula One driver, Checo (Sergio) Perez, takes the McLaren P1 for a spin around the famed Top Gear test track at the Dunsfold Aerodrome in England and even Perez seems impressed by the P1's ability to cut corners, accelerate with outrageous vigor and to awe even the most-seasoned of drivers.

Before watching this brief flick, here's a glimpse at the specs the McLaren P1 has to offer:

  • o to 62 miles per hour in under 3 seconds
  • 0 to 124 miles per hour in less than 7 seconds
  • 0 to 186 miles per hour in 17 seconds
  • 903 total horsepower
  • 664 pound-feet of torque
  • Electric-only range of up to 12.5 miles at an average speed of 30 mph
  • Top speed 218 mph
  • Curb weight 3,086 pounds

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