Nissan LEAF Charging...Have Questions on EVs? NSTAR's Hotline is Here to Help

Nissan LEAF Charging...Have Questions on EVs? NSTAR's Hotline is Here to Help

Ever ponder calling your local utility company for advice or information on plug-in vehicles?  No?  Well, that might change soon as Massachusetts-based utility company NSTAR launched a pioneering EV program that, if successful, could change who some of us turn to for information, answers and advice on plug-in vehicles.

Overwhelmed by the amount of calls related to electric vehicles and the capability of the infrastructure, NSTAR established what we believe to be the first comprehensive EV Hotline.  According to NSTAR, the EV Hotline was established for this reason:

"... consumers need accurate, up-to-date information about the availability of electric vehicles, vehicle technology and vehicle charging options."

But this is no ordinary hotline.  As NSTAR claims, it's basically all-inclusive:

"...hotline will provide advice on vehicles and related equipment, payment options, optimal placement of charging equipment, cost estimates to operate and charge electric vehicles, and referrals to other companies for additional information."

The hotline is part of a pilot program NSTAR is launching in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources.  The goal is to develop a cost-effective infrastructure to support plug-in vehicles and to educate consumers.

Hopefully, NSTAR's hotline doesn't become so wildly popular that we are at InsideEVs are left twiddling are thumbs as the public phones NSTAR instead of perusing the web for EV-related information.

NSTAR provides electricity to 1.1 million customers in most of Eastern, Central and Southeastern Massachusetts.


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