There's drama.  Way more than needed.  Think Hollywood flicks.

The video blacks out.  We're not sure why.

Range Anxiety?  Check

Skepticism.  No doubt.

White-knuckle moments, fear and so much more.

But in the end, the Tesla Model S amazes.  That's all that matters to us.

What are we rambling on and on over?  Well, we're pulling snippets from the video review of the Model S done by The Verge's Chris Zeigler, who concludes his test drive with this statement:

"The Model S isn’t perfect. Far from it — and I think that Elon Musk would be the first to admit it. But for a company only ten years old to produce an automobile good enough to convince a Detroit native that this might be the future of transportation? Well, that’s pretty amazing."

The video quality is top notch, so be sure to check it out.

via The Verge