Meet Mike Pethel. He's not an electrician. He's not an engineer. Hell, he never even went to college. He's a color technologist who grew tired of working on advertisements for inefficient, fossil fuel burning cars. So in the spirit of all that is manly, Mike decided to build his own electric vehicle, knowing absolutely nothing about building electric vehicles. This wouldn't be a do-it-yourself Nissan LEAF though. See, Mike likes to drive fast cars. So an EV built with his own two hands had to be fast. Very fast.

Mike Pethel's BMW EV

Mike Pethel's BMW EV

Mike took the shell of a 70s BMW 3.0 CS, dropped 2,400 lithium-ion batteries into what used to be the back seat and wound up with sick ride that does o-60 in three seconds flat. Did I mention the car produces over 800 horsepower? Well, it's worth mentioning again.

Mike was concerned that his car would end up driving like a golf cart, but he refused to let anyone help him design it. Turns out he didn't need any help. With a top speed of 145, he can get around town pretty quickly, and leave plenty of rubber on the road in the process.

Some might say driving around in an old car with a bunch of batteries behind the driver's seat isn't very practical. We say "Here's to the builders, the pioneers and the people who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty to make something cool!" Mike, if you're up for it, we'd like to buy you a beer.

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