2014 Volvo V60 Plug-In Hybrid

2014 Volvo V60 Plug-In Hybrid

"Customers don't want quirky electric vehicles."

The Nissan LEAF is One of Those

The Nissan LEAF is One of Those "Quirky" Electric Vehicles, According to Volvo.

Those are the words of Volvo research and development chief, Peter Mertens, who revealed to What Car? that the Swedish automaker has no interest in developing or producing stand-alone or dedicated electric vehicles.

Instead, Volvo will focus on electrifying its existing lineup of vehicles, most of which will get plug-in hybrid technology at some point in the future.  As Mertens told What Car? "Our electric vehicles will be in existing models."

Oddly, Volvo seems to have taken a direct dig at the Nissan LEAF, the world's best-selling electric vehicle of all time.  According to What Car?, Volvo stated that it will never make a dedicated electric vehicle like the LEAF, because "quirky" isn't what buyers want.  Well, we'd argue that 50,000-plus buyers obviously don't mind the "quirky" LEAF.

Volvo's electrification process of existing vehiclesstarted with the non-quirky V60 plug-in hybrid wagon and will appear next in the XC90 SUV.

via What Car?


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