Vehicle rescue expert, Brock Archer, takes us through all the ins and outs of what unique situations could be faced by first responders with electric vehicles.  With the help of Tesla, and their Model S (and Roadster), rescue workers can now be fully versed in how to handle almost any feasible emergency with the electric sedan.



And by help of Tesla, we mean they let them flip a Model S on its side, then obliterate the car with the jaws of life.  We confess it is a little painful to watch.

Even if you are not all that interested in the safety protocols in dealing with an electric car, the video has unprecedented footage of the Model S and all its systems.  It is worth a look.

The extensive and informative video is 37 minutes long and is broken into modules:

  • Module One: Electrical Concepts  (2:27)
  • Module Two: High Voltage Components (4:46)
  • Module Three: Vehicle Identification And Charging (13:50)
  • Module Four: Disabling The High Voltage (19:00)
  • Module Five: Operational Considerations At Incidents Involving EVs (24:35)
Brock Archer

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