If you're the kind of greenie that likes to burn rubber, but feels guilty about the gas you'd be wasting, the Spanish industrial design firm, Applus Idiada, has something for you. Enter the Volar-e.

The Volar-e is the car for those of us who have wondered what a 1,000 horsepower EV looks like. It's the car for those of us who think the Tesla Model S Performance is too slow. In a word, it's downright silly.

Four electric motors propel the Volar-e to 62 mph in just 3.4 seconds. With a governed top speed of 186 mph, it blows the doors off of most cars on the road. It packs a 10-cell lithium-ion battery pack rated at 38-kWh, which can be replenished in 15-20 minutes with fast charging. Plus it's got a sweet ginormous spoiler.

All of the ridiculous performance metrics aside, perhaps the most interesting factoid about the Volar-e is that the European Commission funded 50% of the project. The car was exhibited at the Circuit de Catalunya near Barcelona on Thursday to promote the viability of electric vehicles. If only they all looked and drove like this one.


Source: Motor Authority, Image: Inhabitat

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