Official specs and images of the urban commuter concept, the Toyota i-Road, are finally here.  So, let's dive right in.

Toyota i-Road Leans Through Turns

Toyota i-Road Leans Through Turns

1) The i-Road is a concept, not a production vehicle.

2) It seats two – a driver and passenger in tandem

3) i-Road has three wheels – two up front and one out back.

4) There’s a single cyclops-like headlight.

5) Driving range is 31 miles

6) Max speed is 28 mph

7) Curb weight is 661 pounds

8) Horsepower maxes out at 5.4

If ever built, the i-Road would likely be used in a for-hire car-sharing program or sold only in densely populated urban areas.

The i-Road Teaser Even Tilts Its Way Through Turns

The i-Road Teaser Even Tilts Its Way Through Turns

You notice that crazy lean in the images and video?  Toyota describes that functionality like this:

"A newly developed active lean system optimally and automatically controls vehicle body angle, ensuring stable ride and providing an unprecedented feeling of oneness with the vehicle significantly different from driving a car or motorcycle."

Will the Toyota i-Road concept ever see production?  The logical answer is no, and that i-Road is just a funky, impractical concept rolled out quite often by Japanese automakers.  But the world is a strange, unpredictable place, so let's not write off the i-Road quite yet.

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