How Low Can Toyota Go? How About $20,000 Off With Federal And State Incentives?

How Low Can Toyota Go? How About $20,000 Off With Federal And State Incentives?

Rattled by a real lack of interest in the RAV4 EV at the MSRP price of $49,800, and needing to put some giddy-up in their journey to sell 2,600 (for compliance reasons) of their 103-mile electric SUV, Toyota took $5,000 off the sticker price to buoy sales 3 months ago.

The result since then?

They sold proportionally less electric SUVs.   As only 109 RAV4 EVs were sold in the last three months; as compared to the 108 they sold (at full MSRP) in the vehicle's first two months on the market.

Toyota Current Discount Offer...Fine Print And All

Toyota Current Discount Offer...Fine Print And All

Now, Toyota is doubling down on the proposition by offering $10,000 off the MSRP (lease or purchase) at California dealers.  In addition, Toyota is offering 0% financing on the RAV4 EV for up to 60 months.

includes the $7,500 federal credit or Californian $2,500 incentive program in the calculation.  

In total, California residents can get $20,000 in total credits and bonus cash on the proposition, and Toyota will then finance your purchase for up to 60 months at zero percent.

If leasing is more your thing, Toyota will set you up in brand electric RAV4 for $499/month with nothing down.  The amount even drops lower if you buy the RAV4 EV out of state; down to $465/month.

Of note:  Toyota does not structure their leases conventionally as a full cap reduction (as you would find at Nissan or Chevrolet), so you lose some of the value of the federal incentive...we would suggest you buy and take advantage of the 0% over 60 months.

The deal only runs through March 4th, 2013, but if you are looking to own a electric vehicle, this is your time to pull the trigger!  If you just bought an electric vehicle...we apologize for ruining your day.  More details on the Toyota RAV4 EV itself can be found here, or check out the deal for yourself at

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