The Geneva Motor Show is never short on magnificent looking cars, and this year will be no different, thanks in part to students of the ESPERA Sbarro Montbéliard School of Design. Last year the school wowed the show with a wild looking two-seat electric concept car called Intencity. Not to be outdone, this year's class plans to unveil an equally stunning hybrid with one very distinct difference. This year's car is road ready. As the French would say, "Ne pas me dites que le ciel est la limite quand il y a des empreintes sur la lune." (Google Translate it folks.)

The latest creation, dubbed the React'EV will participate in the 14th Monte-Carlo Rallye of New Energies from March 20 to March 24. The React'EV will be powered by a 210-horsepower V6 at the rear wheels, and two 137-horsepower in-wheel electric motors up front. A 24 kWh battery will store the power for the car.

If the sketches are any indication, the React'EV will fit right in with ESPERA Sbarro's portfolio. The low-slung aggressive stance, angular front end and accentuated wheel wells bring Lamborghini to mind. Now if only we could stop thinking about mall pizza.

Source: ESPERA Sbarro, Technologic Vehicles


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