Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe

Production photos of the Renault Zoe seem to be a rare commodity.  Perhaps Renault realized this.  Maybe not.  Regardless of the reason, Renault just released tons of photos of its electric Zoe and we've hand selected a few of the best.

So, after glancing over a few highlights from Renault's press blurb, we suggest you turn your attention to the gallery below.  But don't fall too hard for the Zoe, as it's not bound for US shores.

<em>Zoe goes head-to-head with Zoe</em>

Zoe goes head-to-head with Zoe

Revealed at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, Renault ZOE arrived on the market in France at the end of 2012, prior to its rollout across the network in March 2013.  It will be launched in other European countries over the following months.

Six world firsts on Renault ZOE:

1. The first mass production electric vehicle with prices starting from €13,700 ($17,903 US) incl. VAT (price for France, minus the €7,000 ($9,148 US) eco-bonus, battery rental from €79 ($103 US) / month incl. VAT for 12,500 km /year over three years).

2. The first production electric vehicle with a range homologated at over 200 (210 km or 131 miles) (NEDC standardized cycle).

3. Able to cover between 100 and 150 km (62 to 93 miles) depending on driving style and weather conditions, ZOE has the longest range in its category. An achievement owed to its Range OptimiZEr system, which boosts range in all driving conditions.

4. The first electric vehicle that can be charged in between 30 minutes and nine hours depending on the power of the charging station (between 3 et 43 kW), from just one socket, thanks to the Chameleon charger.

5. ZOE can be fast charged (43 kW – 80% of the battery in 30 minutes) on stations whose cost is just one quarter that of existing fast-charge systems.

6. The first vehicle equipped as standard with Renault R-Link, an integrated, connected multimedia tablet.

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