Wow!  Here's a ridiculous idea.  Let's stand, rather than sit, as we travel around.  Hmm...

Not sure of the message being conveyed in this photo. Hmm

Not sure of the message being conveyed in this photo. Hmm

Were not sure why Rinspeed thinks standing is the proper way to travel, but that's precisely what the microMAX forces you to do.

Rinspeed describes the electric microMAX as a vehicle the size of a Mini Cooper, but with headroom that's unmatched.  Drivers and occupants are braced in upright positions, which the Swiss firm Rinspeed says saves space.  While that seems to make sense, we'd personally rather not be braced in the upright position.

Fortunately, it's only a concept.  The microMax will debut next month at the Geneva Motor Show and let's hope it disappears shortly after that.

It's powered by a 32-kW electric motor swiped from a forklift and is capable of hitting speeds of up to 59 miles per hour.  Yikes!  That's a recipe for tipping over, since the center of gravity is raised by our "braced upright" position.

''This ingenious commuter vehicle merges personal and public transportation in very clever fashion.''  Quote from Rinspeed press release.

It must be too clever for us to understand the benefit.  Are we missing something here?

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