Volt MPV5 Concept

Volt MPV5 Concept

There's been a great deal of speculation and interest around an SUV variant of the Chevrolet Volt.

A recent story on Truth About Cars discussed a guidebook produced by Morgan Stanley that details upcoming product offerings of various auto manufacturers, including GM.  The little gem that may interest the readership here comes at the end of their writeup about Chevrolet branded vehicles (emphasis added):

For 2013, the Orlando will apparently debut, though we’ve seen no movement on this so far. A “small SUV”, possibly the Trax, is set for 2014, while the Volt CUV is back on for 2015.

The Orlando, set for production in 2013, was the basis for the Voltec MPV5 concept shown here.  Recently, we wrote about an extension GM was granted for the trademark "CrossVolt" and speculated that GM may eventually release a Voltec CUV marketed with this name.

All of these tidbits may be pointing to an implementation of Voltec technology that soccer moms and other SUV-loving customers have been waiting for.

Do you think GM will deliver a crossover utility vehicle with a Voltec propulsion system?  Perhaps more importantly, will a 2015 entry be too late?