CNN easily completes the drive that the New York Times could not.

CNN easily completes the drive that the New York Times could not.

It's not over and Tesla CEO Elon Musk hasn't kept quiet as Tesla Motors suggested he would.

Though Musk tends to blurt out rather often, we feel this time it's for the best.

CNN's Peter Valdes-Dapena essentially copied the route taken by the New York Times in a Tesla Model S and, lo and behold, he completed the journey with range to spare.

Musk continues to tweet away.

Musk continues to tweet away.

Dalpena explains his trip in detail over on CNN Money, but we're avoiding most of his post (it simply repeats the journey as already described on several occasions by the NY Times ) and instead posting a couple of quotes that tell the gist of the story quite well:

"But as I drove into Connecticut, I realized something amazing. Not only did I have enough battery range left, I had plenty. I had at least 40 miles—more than an entire Chevy Volt's worth of electricity—left to play with. I sped up, cruising over 70, riding in the left lane, mashing the gas pedal just to feel how fast the car could shoot from 65 to 80. I was practically giddy."

"In the end, I made it—and it wasn't that hard."

"There were some differences with my ride and the one from the New York Times. The weather for mine was about 10 degrees warmer. And I did mine in one day; the reviewer from the Times split it into two."

"As for the Supercharger network? Turns out that works, too."

And that's all folks.  Can we now put to rest "fake" claims made by the New York Times? Our message to Times writer John Broder is quite simple: charge completely, it's common sense, right?

Update: CNN Video footage:

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