Nissan recently turned the all-electric car business on its head by slashing the cost of driving that company's all electric car.  The new S Model LEAF, coming to dealership now, is priced starting at $28,800, with leases starting at $199/month.

How can Ford compete?  How about with a new, cheaper trim level of the Focus Electric?

2013 Nissan LEAF Brings Pricing Heat To All Pure EV Makers

2013 Nissan LEAF Brings Pricing Heat To All Pure EV Makers

While Ford likely can not match the huge scale of Nissan's operation to get close to the base LEAF pricing; a new cheaper Focus Electric trim level would possibly let them better compete with Nissan's mid-grade SV ($31,820) and top of the line SL ($34,480) models.

What gives us the impression this could possibly be a reality, and a new Focus Electric is on the way?

Ford's corporate inventory search.

Previously, when searching dealer inventory for a new Ford Focus, you were met with six choices:

  • Electric
  • S
  • SE
  • SEL
  • ST
  • Titanium
And by choosing one of these options, and your preferred dealer, a listing of matching vehicles would pop up for you to consider. That is until recently.

A Second

A Second "Search Inventory" Trim Criteria Option Has Just Been Added For The Focus Electric

This week if you enable the same search for Focus trim levels, there are now two 'tick boxes' for the Focus Electric, and while not named as separate trim levels, the second option leads customers to the current inventory, while the first option searches by different parameters, and yields the response "No exact matches were found."

Could this website anomoly be foreshadowing a new, cheaper Ford Focus Electric is en route?

InsideEVs asked Mike Tinskey, global director of vehicle electrification and infrastructure at Ford, to comment, but he could not comment "specifically" on the speculation, while Chad D’Arcy, Ford's Focus Electric Marketing Manager, gave more of a stock answer, "As far as Focus Electric goes, I can’t share any possible future actions related to packaging and pricing.

Mr. D'Arcy did take the opportunity to tout Ford's current lease pricing in context to that of the Nissan LEAF, " we are expanding our Certified EV Dealership network to a nationwide footprint, we have a competitive $249 per month lease on an available vehicle which has more standard equipment than the current LEAF available at dealerships."

So while, a website anomaly is no guarantee of anything, it does bring up an interesting possibility.

Hat tip to Alan Campbell.


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