Ever seen the Mia U electric van?  It's certainly funky, but practical, too.  Unfortunately, it's not offered on these shores, but that won't stop us from featuring it on this electric-only site.

The latest special edition of the Mia U is called Blue Star.  It features a two-tone paint job done up in white and blue and comes complete with a useful roof rack, "floor protection" system (it's partially covered in PVC so it's waterproof) and features additional power sockets for all sorts of gadgetry that's common in this day and age.  Other added items include a "comfort pack" and a multimedia radio.

It's funky, but practical too.

It's funky, but practical too.

The U's unusual seating arrangement is laid out in such a way that a driver sits up front and up to two passengers ride side-by-side out back.  Odd?  Yes.  But what's not odd or funky about the Mia U?

Options are two: an 8-kWh battery pack (estimated range is 50 miles) or a 12-kWh pack (range is listed at 75 miles).  These estimates are likely overstated.

This limited edition Mia is, well, limited.  Only 100 units will ever be produced, according to Mia.

Mia didn't disclose pricing for the Blue Star version, but we do know that the standard Mia U costs the equivalent of approximately $32,000.

Utility meets zero-emissions in a funky wrapper.

For more details on Mia's lineup of electric vans, check out the automaker's website by clicking here.

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