During a roundtable discussion at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn let lose the highly anticipated info we've all been eagerly waiting for: official pricing for the 2013 Nissan LEAF.

But Ghosn didn't stop there.

Nissan's CEO discussed the automaker's bullish electric vehicle sales targets, spoke of Nissan's "passion" for the LEAF and threw out the term "arrogance," which was used in the past to describe Ghosn's over-the-top optimism for electric vehicles.

But there's still more.

With the launch of the $28,800 S version of the 2013 Nissan LEAF, Ghosn predicts that sales will increase by at least 20 percent.  Quoting Ghosn:

Least expensive. Yes. But is it the most attractive?

Least expensive. Yes. But is it the most attractive?

"You can expect them to be up.  It would be fair to say that LEAF should post at least a 20 increase."

Nisan sold only 9,819 LEAFs in 2012, so a 20-percent increase would push sales over the 10,000-unit mark, but not by a significant amount and would still leave the LEAF short of matching expected sales of the Chevy Volt.

Ghosn continues to cited a limited charging infrastructure as a reason for lower-than-anticipated sales of the electric LEAF, but most owners charge only at home, so we question Ghosn's reasoning.

However, if word of Nissan producing the LEAF in the US spreads to the general public, then we believe sales could increase significantly more than even Ghosn predicts.

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